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3 Tips for Good Self Care after Whitening Your Teeth

Teeth Whitening Care | Doylestown Dentist

You decided to have your teeth professionally whitened, and you couldn’t be happier with the results! 

A beautiful bright smile is like a calling card that gets you noticed and helps you interact confidently with others. Your self-esteem gets a boost because you know that you look and feel your best.

Maintaining Your Bright New Smile

Your goal now is to maintain the brilliant results, so you get the most enjoyment out of your whitening treatment. If you want to extend the longevity of your bright new smile, here are three tips for taking care of your teeth after whitening: 

  1. Practice good oral hygiene – You have to brush anyway to keep your teeth ...

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What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant Supported Dentures | Doylestown PA Dentist

Dental technology has come so far in the last couple decades that you may find it hard to keep up with all the changes! One area in particular that has benefitted from these advances is tooth replacement solutions.

In the past, there were good options for correcting the esthetics of a missing tooth. But it wasn’t until dental implants were introduced that we had an effective solution for a healthy replacement for the entire tooth, including the root.

A dental implant is a small titanium post that acts as an artificial tooth root. The implant is placed in your jaw and allowed to heal. During the process, the biocompatible implant forms a ...

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Choosing the Most Beneficial Cosmetic Treatment

Cosmetic Dentist in Doylestown PA

Advances in dentistry are happening at a rapid pace and provide us with updated materials, techniques, and technology. One of the areas in which we’ve seen some tremendous improvements is dental restorations that we can design to protect your oral health while improving your smile.

Choosing the Treatment That's Right for You

If you’re wondering what the best cosmetic dentistry treatment is right for you, we offer a broad range of services at our Doylestown, PA dental office to achieve your esthetic smile goals. Procedures that were once thought to be purely restorative, like crowns and bridges, can now be used to alter the shape, size, and appearance of teeth while improving ...

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Why You Should Consider Professional Teeth Whitening for Your Next Big Event

Professional Teeth Whitening | Doylestown PA Dentist

If you have a big event like a wedding or reunion coming up, you are probably busy making preparations to ensure that you look your best. You may have already chosen the perfect dress, shoes, and hairstyle, but what about your smile? There's a saying that a beautiful smile is a perfect accessory for any outfit. But is yours up to the job?

Teeth Whitening Options

At our Doylestown dental office, our professional teeth whitening treatment is designed to quickly turn your smile from dull and drab to bright and beautiful! Anytime you want to give your smile a boost, teeth whitening is an excellent option. But it is especially helpful ...

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Tobacco Use and Your Oral Health

Tobacco Use and Oral Health | Doylestown Dentist

Doylestown dentist Dr. Elyce Link-Bindo wants to provide you with all the support you need to enjoy a healthy smile. It certainly is no secret that tobacco use is bad for your general health. So it should not be too hard to imagine they impact that smoking can have on your oral health.

Tobacco use weakens your immune system and makes it harder to fight off periodontal (gum) infections. It also makes it more difficult for your mouth to heal if you have gum disease treatment.

What does this mean for you if you are a smoker?

Here are some interesting facts from the Centers for Disease Control that you should consider:

  • Smokers ...

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3 Simple Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic Dentistry Doylestown PA

Cosmetic dentistry comprises many different treatment options that can help patients get the smile they've always wanted. We are proud to offer a wide array of cosmetic services under one roof, making it easy to get the treatments that you need!

Here are three of our simple, effective, and popular cosmetic dentistry services: 

  • Tooth-colored fillings: Tooth decay happens, and when it does, the cavities created in your teeth will need to be filled. This is a very common treatment, and it's fairly simple. However, in the past, fillings have often been made from a composite metal material, which compromises the aesthetics of your smile. Today, however, we are able to offer tooth-colored ...

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Tips for handling dental emergencies

dental equipment | Dental Emergency Doylestown PA

Dental emergencies can be the worst. They tend to happen at the most inconvenient times, usually when you are away on vacation.  In this blog post I would like to discuss some helpful suggestions if you don’t have access to a dentist right away.  The best solution is to always see your dentist; however, during the holidays or a vacation this isn’t always possible. Here is how to handle certain dental emergency situations: 

Broken tooth

You will want to treat the symptoms.  If you are having hot and cold sensitivity you will want to avoid anything hot or cold.  If you are in pain and able to take Motrin and Tylenol, these ...

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