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Should I get a dental implant?

dental implant doylestown pa

If you are someone who is missing a tooth, or may need a tooth removed in the future, dental implants are something you may want to consider.  Dental implants are titanium roots that are placed into your jawbone.  An intermediate piece called an abutment is then used to anchor a tooth or crown to the titanium root. Two of the biggest questions I am often asked are: how long does it take, and will it hurt? The length of time it takes for a dental implant relies on several factors. These factors include whether the implant can be placed right away and whether a bone graft will be needed before ...

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What do I do if my temporary crown (cap) or bridge comes off?

dental crowns and bridges doylestown pa

One of the biggest fears patients have when they choose crowns or bridges is: “what do I do if my temporary crown falls off while I am waiting for the final crown to be finished?” 

Temporary Crowns

Unless the final crowns are made in the dental chair, there is a period of 2-3 weeks where a temporary crown is necessary to cover and protect a tooth while the final crown is being made in the lab.  These temporaries are cemented with temporary cement that can become loose when eating something sticky or hard.  In the event that your temporary comes out, it is important to

  • Contact your dentist right away as the teeth ...

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What type of floss should I use?

dental cleaning doylestown pa | doylestown dentist

With all of the different types of floss on the market, it can get confusing which type of floss you should use.  Should you use waxed or unwaxed floss?  According to the scientific literature, there is no superior type of floss.  However, choosing the right floss for you is a matter of what is comfortable for you to use and what fits best between your teeth.  If you are someone that has spaces in between your teeth, unwaxed woven floss is ideal because it is rope-like and has a large enough surface area to clean in bigger spaces.  If your teeth fit tightly together, dental tape or Oral-B glide floss ...

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As an adult what options do I have to straighten my teeth?

invisalign doylestown pa

Considering Adult Orthodontics

As an adult, what options do I have to straighten my teeth?  Let me start off by saying you are never "too old" to enjoy a perfect smile. If you are someone that has crooked teeth, it's not too late.  The first thing that comes to mind with straightening teeth is braces.  Braces are a great option, but they are like a hard cast for a broken arm: fixing a problem, but impossible to miss (although the clear braces are not as noticeable.)  However, for many of my adult patients, braces simply aren't as cool as they are to kids where it is a social pressure ("I want ...

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What is the best way to whiten my teeth?

Teeth whitening in Doylestown PA

Best Way to Whiten Teeth

Patients often ask, "what is the best way to whiten my teeth?"  The answer is that it depends on the individual.  Teeth bleaching can be very effective.  Research shows the most effective and long-lasting whitening treatments are from bleaching trays that are made to fit your teeth with prescription whitener.  The effectiveness of the teeth bleaching varies from person to person.  In general, with professional whitening, you can expect to lighten your teeth several shades.  If after whitening, you still would like whiter teeth, dental ceramics such as veneers and crowns can be used to change the shape and color of your teeth to your preference. ...

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Can I Over Bleach my Teeth?

Teeth whitening in Doylestown PA

Can I over bleach my teeth? 

The answer is yes, yes you can absolutely over bleach your teeth. In fact, some people have gone as far as to label this obsession with excessively bleaching as Bleachorexia. By over bleaching, you can harm the outer layer of tooth structure called the enamel.  This causes the enamel to become thin, weakened, and microscopically pitted.  The teeth appear blotchy and make the superficial crack lines much more noticeable.  In addition, if you are someone who likes blueberries or red wine, your teeth will reflect the pigments of red and blue colors much more.  Also, by excessive bleaching, your teeth can become very sensitive to ...

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What mouthwash should I use?

Cosmetic dentist in Doylestown PA choosing a mouthwash

A frequently asked question that has come up this week at Doylestown Dental Group is: what mouthwash should I use?  The answer depends on what you are looking for.  There are two different types of mouthwash that I would recommend depending on your personal needs. The first thing to think about when it comes to mouthwashes is, does it contain alcohol?  For example, if you rinse with some of the Listerine products, you will have that burning feeling that most people associate with a "clean feeling, the burning tells me my mouth is clean."  That feeling is caused by the high levels of alcohol in the mouthwash.  One of the ...

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