Teeth Whitening in Doylestown, PA

Stains and discoloration on teeth can build up over time and affect patients and their cosmetic dental appearance or potentially their confidence in social settings. Our teeth handle quite a bit throughout our lives, and even with consistent brushing and flossing may still begin to darken and end up stained. At Doylestown Dental Group, Dr. Link understands a bright smile's impact on everyday life and offers a safe and effective teeth whitening service.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Upon initial consultation, Dr. Link will assess your oral state to ensure a teeth whitening procedure is feasible and perform a cleaning before beginning. To determine the rest of the process, we start with a tooth-shade chart to help measure the current shade of white in your teeth and show how bright they'll be post-procedure. When removing stains from teeth, we apply a highly-concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel and shine a UV light on your teeth. Due to the high concentration in the hydrogen peroxide gel (or whitening gel), we protect our patients' gums with a dam or barrier during the procedure. Whitening procedures can last for an hour or require repeat appointments depending on the patient's teeth whitening requirements.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

You may notice teeth whitening products sold over the counter at local pharmacies, so why undergo a professional procedure?

  • Professional procedures offer guidance and supervision that ultimately protect patients' gums and other oral fibers during the process. 
  • Dentists can use higher concentrations of whitening gel to achieve better results.
  • Many over-the-counter options have lower levels of hydrogen peroxide in their whitening gel and may not provide the same radiant smile that a dentist's treatment can.
  • In-office office treatments allow dentists to apply the correct amounts of whitening gel and apply the required amount of UV light exposure.
  • Some patients may still desire to whiten their teeth on their own time, and for this reason, many dentists offer supervision and guidance combined with prescribed take-home whitening kits that patients can use before bed.

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in Doylestown, PA

We understand how important access to a happier smile can be and do our best to serve our patients in Doylestown, Fountainville, Philadelphia, Danboro, New Britain, Castle Valley, and Furlong. To further meet our patients' needs, our office accepts CareCredit, which allows patients seeking brighter teeth or other treatments to pay monthly installments with no interest. Your oral health is our priority!

Begin Your Teeth Whitening Journey in Doylestown, PA

We enjoy giving our patients the smiles they deserve! If you'd like to know more about teeth whitening and its benefits, don't hesitate to book an appointment with our office! Dr. Link can go over the entire process with you and answer any questions about teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry options that we provide.