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As an adult what options do I have to straighten my teeth?

April 27, 2015
Posted By: Elyce Link-Bindo
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Considering Adult Orthodontics

As an adult, what options do I have to straighten my teeth?  Let me start off by saying you are never "too old" to enjoy a perfect smile. If you are someone that has crooked teeth, it's not too late.  The first thing that comes to mind with straightening teeth is braces.  Braces are a great option, but they are like a hard cast for a broken arm: fixing a problem, but impossible to miss (although the clear braces are not as noticeable.)  However, for many of my adult patients, braces simply aren't as cool as they are to kids where it is a social pressure ("I want braces because everyone in my class has them, let me pick the color for this week"). For adults, many patients want something that is quick and not noticeable.  In this case, many people are a candidate for a treatment called Invisalign. 

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a series of thin clear plastic retainers that works by making small movements with each tray.  We have several talented Orthodontists in Doylestown that are the true experts in tooth movement. In some cases, the perfect smile can't be achieved by just aligning the teeth in the correct position.  Teeth that are too small or too large and need to be reshaped. 

Cosmetic Solutions with Your Doylestown Dentist

As a prosthodontist, I frequently team-up with our orthodontic colleagues to make the teeth the correct shape and color by using dental bleaching, bonding, veneers, or crowns after or during tooth movement by the orthodontist.  When timing is a problem or the patient doesn't want to go through orthodontic tooth movement crowns, veneers, or bonding can often be used to achieve a beautiful result.  If you have questions about your smile, make an appointment for an aesthetic consultation. 

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