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What are the most common misconceptions about dentures?

November 14, 2015
Posted By: Elyce Link-Bindo
Dentures in Doylestown, PA

Dentures or “plates” are one of the most commonly misunderstood treatment options.  Dentures can be a great treatment for some, and nightmare for others, but what makes the difference?  How can you tell if dentures are a good alternative for you or your loved one?

Difficulties and Advantages of Dentures

Why are dentures difficult?  Poorly made dentures, will not fit well and can be miserable. Every person is different.  Dentures can be difficult to adapt to and cover the roof of the mouth.  They also need to be taken out every night.  For a select group of patients, the upper denture triggers the gag reflex.  The analogy I always tell my patients when they are considering a complete lower denture without implants is, “it is like riding a horse with a saddle, only the saddle is not strapped on.” People that have upper and lower dentures, will typically chew with a third of the efficiency as someone with their natural teeth. 

Now for the good news about dentures: for some patients that have had extensive bone loss and an unattractive smile, the right set of dentures can make a huge difference.  Dentures are one of the hardest things to do well in dentistry, in order to be made correctly they take a lot of training on behalf of the dentist and are a true art form.  I pride myself on my ability to make dentures beautiful and natural-looking for my patients.  They are a lot less expensive than crowns and implants.  Not to mention not every patient can have dental implants.  In people that have been missing teeth for a long time, dentures can usually give the patient an artificial facelift while in place.   Many of my patients are very satisfied with their dentures and have worn them successfully for a long time.

Dentures in Doylestown PA

Making dental decisions regarding treatment for you or a loved one takes careful consideration.  Dentures can be a great option for the right person.  If you would like to learn more please contact us or book an appointment. 

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