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Why Dentures Are a Reliable Tooth Replacement Option

September 28, 2021
Posted By: Doylestown Dental Group
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The holidays are swiftly approaching, and you may want to enjoy delicious turkey dinners and sweet autumn treats without worrying about your teeth. Having missing teeth can make biting and chewing food difficult and uncomfortable, not to mention it can put a damper on your mood when socializing. 

At Doylestown Dental Group, Dr. Link wants you to have a complete and functional smile. We offer attractive and reliable dentures for patients who desire to reclaim their oral health. 

What Are Full and Partial Dentures? 

Full and partial dentures replace missing teeth, restoring a person’s natural bite and appearance. Full dentures replace a complete row or arch of teeth, while partial dentures replace one or more teeth. 

Dentures consist of prosthetic teeth attached to a flesh-colored base made of acrylic or plastic. They are made to fit perfectly in the top or bottom half of the mouth to replace the missing teeth with lifelike artificial teeth.

Patients typically use adhesives to secure the dentures in place so they don’t move or slip around in the mouth or irritate the gums. In other words, dentures allow you to still enjoy your favorite meals and talk with your best pals without worry!  

The Benefits of Full and Partial Dentures 

We design our modern dentures using leading-edge technology to complement your aesthetic characteristics and meet your dental health needs. 

There are many benefits to having full or partial dentures:

  • Modern dentures are comfortable and fit to the unique contours of your mouth. 
  • Dentures to restore your ability to bite and chew.  
  • Dentures do not require you to have any dietary restrictions. 
  • Dentures support your facial muscles, leading to a more energized and youthful appearance. 
  • All traditional dentures are removable, which make them easier to clean.
  • Partials prevent excessive wear and tear on your natural teeth. 
  • Dentures are a cost-effective solution to tooth loss. 
  • Partial and full dentures promote proper speech and pronunciation. 
  • Dentures look natural and blend in with your smile. 

Contact Us about Dentures in Doylestown, PA

Doylestown Dental Group serves neighbors and families from Doylestown, Fountainville, Danboro, New Britain, Castle Valley, Furlong, and the surrounding areas. 

If you want to replace missing teeth and improve your oral health before the holidays, please contact our dental office today

We look forward to seeing you smile!

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