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Why do I need to get my teeth cleaned every six months?

February 12, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Elyce Link-Bindo
woman getting teeth cleaned

The Importance of Regular Cleanings

Even if you always brush and floss your teeth, it is very beneficial to have your teeth cleaned once every six months.  Dental plaque and tartar are a collection of germs on your teeth that can affect not only your mouth but your whole body.  The bacteria in the mouth have been found to travel to other parts of your body such as your heart or even your brain.  In fact for some people, it is necessary to have their teeth cleaned more frequently such as once every 3 or 4 months.  If your gums are healthy and you do not have a lot of dental plaque, a cleaning once every six months is usually enough.  

However, if your someone who has gum disease, dry mouth, or prone to getting cavities; having more frequent cleanings can prevent further future problems.  Everyone collects plaque underneath of their gums that cannot be removed from brushing and flossing.  Once the plaque is there, more plaque tends to accumulate.  If the plaque is left for long periods of time, it hardens forming a layer of tartar (calculus).  Dental tartar if left long periods of time, causes gum disease, bone loss, and gum recession.  Some people are prone to developing tartar at a faster rate than others, this would also necessitate more frequent cleanings.  Getting your teeth cleaned also gives the hygienist and dentist a chance to check your teeth. 

Book a Cleaning with Your Doylestown PA Dentist

Often times at my office, my hygienists are able to pick up on a lot of potential problems before then can occur or get worse.  It is usually the people that do not come in for long periods of time that have the most cavities or have the most gum tissue problems.  Putting off these appointments can be detrimental to your dental health and your wallet! Call our office today to set up a cleaning! 

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