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Tips for preventing gum disease

November 30, 2015
Posted By: Dr. Elyce Link-Bindo
Gum disease prevention Doylestown PA

One of the most common dental issues people have is gum disease. Bad oral hygiene or skipping cleanings can lead to gum disease and because gum disease won’t cause many symptoms in its early stages, it is often left untreated until it has progressed to periodontal disease. Dr. Richard Cavanaugh and Dr. Elyce Link-Bindo are dedicated to preventative care so gum disease can be caught and reversed before it causes permanent damage.

Gum Disease

Gum disease happens when the bacteria and plaque are not removed properly and is able to grow and push its way in between teeth and gums. As it spreads it can lead to periodontal disease, which causes the gums to recede and the bone to degenerate leaving pockets in between gums where bacteria can hide. Receding gums and bone loss cannot be reversed so it is important to practice good oral hygiene habits and see your dentist regularly to help prevent gum disease.

Though those with gum disease won't experience many symptoms until it starts to cause major damage, there are still some signs to look for. Gum disease will cause your gums to become inflamed and irritated so they will bleed when you brush and floss. If bleeding persists for more than a few days, it is probably being caused by a major issue. Another common sign of gum disease is bad breath, caused when bacteria is left to grow in hard to reach pockets in your gums.

Preventing Gum Disease

One of the best ways to prevent gum disease is by brushing and flossing regularly and correctly. When brushing, hold the brush at a forty-five-degree angle towards the gum line so the bristles can clear out plaque trying to push into the gums. It is also important to be gentle when flossing so you don’t damage your gums in the process. Mouthwash can also help kill some of the gingivitis-causing bacteria in your mouth.

Regular dental visits will also help you avoid gum disease. Not only will cleanings remove the hard to reach plaque build up before it can be harmful, but your dentist will also check for early signs of gum disease during your check-ups. If they see these signs, they can talk to you about your dental hygiene habits and how to reverse gum disease.

Preventative Care in Doylestown PA

One of the worst things you can do for your dental health is to skip seeing your dentist. Even with impeccable oral hygiene habits, you may still have dental problems without getting regular cleanings and exams. If you are in the Doylestown, PA area and have been experiencing some of the symptoms of gum disease, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today!

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