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Tobacco Use and Your Oral Health

May 20, 2017
Posted By: Doylestown Dental Group
Tobacco Use and Oral Health | Doylestown Dentist

Doylestown dentist Dr. Elyce Link-Bindo wants to provide you with all the support you need to enjoy a healthy smile. It certainly is no secret that tobacco use is bad for your general health. So it should not be too hard to imagine they impact that smoking can have on your oral health.

Tobacco use weakens your immune system and makes it harder to fight off periodontal (gum) infections. It also makes it more difficult for your mouth to heal if you have gum disease treatment.

What does this mean for you if you are a smoker?

Here are some interesting facts from the Centers for Disease Control that you should consider:

  • Smokers have twice the risk for gum disease compared with a nonsmoker
  • Half of the adults who smoke have gum disease 
  • Smoking reduces the effectiveness of gum disease treatment 
  • Smokers are nearly twice as likely to lose their teeth as non-smokers. 

And don’t think you’re off the hook if you use “smokeless,” or chewing tobacco. If you chew tobacco, you are 50 times more likely to develop cancers of the gums, cheeks, and lining of the lips. 

Our job is not to preach to you about the dangers of tobacco use. It is our job, however, to make you aware of the significant negative impact that smoking can have on your oral health, specifically on your gums. You may brush and floss religiously, but no amount of brushing can make up for the damage that tobacco use causes.

Oral Care in Doylestown, PA

If you are a smoker and worried about your oral health, please call Doylestown dentist Dr. Link-Bindo to arrange a consultation. We will not judge you for your habit – we will simply take steps to ensure that your smile is as healthy as it can possibly be

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