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What type of floss should I use?

May 16, 2015
Posted By: Elyce Link-Bindo
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With all of the different types of floss on the market, it can get confusing which type of floss you should use.  Should you use waxed or unwaxed floss?  According to the scientific literature, there is no superior type of floss.  However, choosing the right floss for you is a matter of what is comfortable for you to use and what fits best between your teeth.  If you are someone that has spaces in between your teeth, unwaxed woven floss is ideal because it is rope-like and has a large enough surface area to clean in bigger spaces.  If your teeth fit tightly together, dental tape or Oral-B glide floss fits comfortably in smaller spaces.  When your flossing it shouldn’t be a struggle to fit the floss in between your teeth.  If you have to aggressively “snap” the floss into place you may want to consider a different type. 

Choosing the Right Floss

Even with flossing and brushing, some food debris can be left behind.  Soft starchy foods specifically can cause cavities in between your teeth (particularly if there are open spaces between the teeth).  In this case water piks or water flossers can be even better than floss.  Always use the water flossers on a low to medium setting to prevent traumatizing your gum tissue.  The water acts to gently flush out and remove food particles that have accumulated during the day. 

If you are someone that doesn’t like flossing or the water flosser, soft picks or interdental proxy brushes are a great alternative to clean between your teeth if used appropriately.  Choose the brush head by the size of the spaces in between your teeth.  Be careful not to force anything too large between the teeth as this could damage your tissue.  The appropriately sized aid should fit without force.  Soft picks are disposable and great to use on the go.

Oral Care in Doylestown PA

How often do you need to floss or water pik?  You should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day and water flossing (or traditional flossing) at least once a day.  You want to thoroughly clean the soft food debris that has accumulated around your teeth at least once a day to prevent cavity formation.  The longer the plaque sits around your teeth, the higher the risk for dental cavities.   If you have more questions regarding flossing and cavity prevention, give us a call. Our hygienists would be happy to help.

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