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Are implant dentures better than regular dentures?

A denture is one standard tooth replacement option for people in Doylestown, PA, with many missing teeth or even complete tooth loss. Conventional dentures work by sitting on top of your gums, using suction or adhesives to keep themselves in place. This precarious connection has been a long-standing issue with dentures, but now we offer a more stable option: an implant denture.

Rather than sitting on your gums, your implant denture is attached to artificial tooth roots, which are placed directly into your jawbone. These titanium devices resemble a screw; after surgical implantation, they fully integrate with the bone. We then design your denture to attach to these implants. This maintains their removability while allowing them to snap securely in place without any messy adhesives.

Health Benefits of Implant Dentures in Doylestown, PA

Along with greater stability, an implant denture also has positive oral health benefits that the conventional option lacks. Here are a few examples:

  • Most like a natural tooth
  • Bone regeneration from chewing pressure against your jaw bone
  • Less gum irritation from slippage or a loose fit

Implant dentures also support your facial features so you can avoid the sunken appearance often associated with tooth loss and bone degeneration. In addition, the removability of your implant denture helps make both oral hygiene and denture care more effective and convenient.

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