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How dental crowns benefit you

dental crown | Doylestown dental groupWhile many Doylestown patients take good care of their teeth and make regular visits to their dentist, smile issues can still occur. Dental crowns are tooth caps that your dentist uses to help protect and stabilize a damaged tooth. There are many different reasons why our patients may want a dental crown, including:

  • Preserve a damaged tooth
  • Protecting against enamel wear and tear
  • After a root canal 
  • Support a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth
  • Part of dental implants
  • Used as anchors in dental bridges
  • Improves badly stained teeth
  • Changes the size and shape of a tooth
  • Protect a cavity that is too big for a filling

Dental Crowns in Doylestown, PA

With proper care and maintenance, your dental crowns can last 15 years, which is an excellent long-term investment in your oral health. The dental crown process is simple, starting with your Doylestown, PA dentist, making an impression of your smile. The impression will be used to fabricate your dental crown, which will be shaded to blend in with your smile. 

Dental Bridges Restore Your Smile

For patients who have one or more missing teeth, Dr. Link-Bindo can help restore their smile with a dental bridge. Your dentist places dental crowns on the neighboring teeth as an anchor, and an artificial tooth is bridged in between. This dental prosthetic is very common and can help restore function and beauty to your smile. 

Are You Ready for Restorative Dentistry?

Our restorative dentists in Doylestown, PA, can restore broken or weakened teeth, even missing teeth. Your oral health is essential to us, along with the beauty of your laugh. Dental crowns and bridges are an investment in your future joy and happiness, along with an improved quality of life. Call Doylestown Dental Group to schedule your appointment. 

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